Mobile Clinic

Perfect S focuses on delivering quality Mobile Solutions services to all. Our solution can be customised with our clients requirements and we then support them through operations – ensuring sustainable, cost-effective mobile healthcare initiatives.

  • Body -  white gloss GRP Insulated bonded panel
  • GRP Bonded panels are durable , strong , long lasting ,rust proof ,leak proof
  • All corners will be fitted with a aluminium extrusion capping
  • Generator  / Electrical and Battery operated Mobile clinic
  • Double air-con unit
  • Medical bed 
  • Medical Testing unit
  • Working office space / reception room
  • Drug cabinets
  • Oxygen tanks 
  • Basin washing hands area
  • Medical dustbins
  • 2.5 Kg Fire extinguisher
  • Automatic Height / weight /BMI SCALE
  • Air Curtains fitted at door entrance
  • ENT Diagnostic set - Wall Mounted

Mobile Clinic Perfect S
Mobile Clinic
Mobile Clinic
2 x Rooms


Mobile trailer Clinic

Mobile Clinic Trailer - Perfect S
Mobile Clinic Panel van
Perfect S

Panel-van Mobile clinic

Perfect S

Panel-van Mobile clinic


Mobile & Alternative Healthcare Facilities


Mobile & Alternative Healthcare Facilities