1. Perfect S is a registered Truck Body Builder by NRCS (National Regulator Compulsory specifications).
  2. We have more than 15 years experience in the truck industry. 
  3. We have an excellent after Sales and services for our customers and products are and Guaranteed. With our terms and conditions all products have a standard 12 months warranty. 
  4. We only use trained skilled workers
  5. Quality and Safety is our most concern. Each product (Services) must be inspected before its delivered to the customer.
  6. We have a good relationship understanding the government army sector, Health sector, Transport sector, Police sector and also with some of the biggest Transport Companies South Africa has to offer.
  7. Not only do we offer a repair Center but our Special Projects division we are always open for new ideas and designing as per customers requirements from Designing a new product up until large manufacturing. 
  8. Most Insurance Companies do use our services.
  9. Why wait long for a quotation? We strive to send you a quote the same day!
  10. We have good references from our customers.